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Thank you for your interest in the University of Texas Press as a publishing home for your project. Whether you are a prospective or current author, we are grateful for your interest in becoming a part of the networks that contribute to the dynamic work we publish in our books and journals programs.

The University of Texas Press is a leading publisher of books on the history and culture of Texas, popular American music, Latin America, Latinx and Chicanx studies, and media studies. UT Press publishes broadly in the humanities and social sciences, including American studies, Black studies, gender studies, popular culture studies, Middle Eastern studies, classics, Western history, and architecture. We are committed to serving scholars and scholarship in intellectual and geographic borderlands, centering work from conceptual or institutional edges, and supporting work that creates new disciplinary boundaries. Please note that we do not publish unsolicited fiction or poetry, and we consider only a limited number of edited collections or memoir projects.

If you are interested in submitting a book project for consideration, we invite you to Meet the Acquisitions Team and learn more about the areas in which we publish. For questions about writing and submitting a proposal, and details about steps for manuscript consideration, we hope you find our resources for Prospective Authors helpful.

For those whose manuscript is already under contract, we’ve assembled information for Current Authors, which includes steps for preparing the final manuscript submission for production and Permissions Guidelines for navigating permissions and copyright questions. The Association of University Presses has more information and resources for authors on