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Annual Publication | ISSN 2693-4442

John P. Gough, Editor

Journal of Advancement Analytics is the journal of the Texas Advancement Symposium (TAAS), which brings together industry thought leaders and practitioners to discuss advanced problems in fundraising analytics.  Together we explore, exhibit, and envision advancement analytics problems and their solutions.  TAAS provides a venue for in-depth discussion and topical exploration in the advancement analytics space.

Recent Issues

Volume 3, 2023


Editor’s Notes: The Democratization of Analytics: How the Confluence of Tools, Data Literacy, and Organizational Maturity are Changing the Analytics Landscape
by John Gough

Optimizing Giving Day: A Case Study in Using Machine Learning for a Constituency-Wide Campaign
by Marianne M. Pelletier

Decentralization of Data: An Architectural Perspective
by Vijay Arora

Analysis of Alumni Giving Based on Involvement in Different Student Activity Types
by Michael Speight

Take Me Out to the Fundraising Game: What Fundraising Analytics and Analysts Learn from Sports Analysis
by Gregory E. Duke

Volume 2, 2022


Leveraging Relationships in University Fundraising: An Analysis of Faculty Advisee Groups and Alumni Networks
by Kelly Douglas

Online Buzz Evolution Patterns and Crowdfunding Campaign Performance
by Onochie Fan-Osuala

Does Being Engaged Benefit the Bottom Line? Community Engagement and its Effects on Fundraising Performance at Public Institutions of Higher Education
by Colton Strawser

Proposals of Hope: Evaluating the Investment of Time on Proposal Wins versus Proposal Losses
by Juan Garcia and Jim Dries

Data Modernization: A Case Study in Improving Data Architecture for Advanced Analytics
by John Gough

The Nimble Annual Giving Program: A Responsive Approach to Fundraising
by Marianne M. Pelletier and Gregory E. Duke

Patterns of Philanthropy: Using Pattern Mining for Predictive Analysis in Advancement and Fundraising
by Klaus Mueller and Eric Papenhausen

Volume 1, 2021


Data Science for Fundraising: A review of Analytics in Fundraising
by Ashutosh R. Nandeshwar

Predicting Capacity with Machine Learning
by David Schemitsch

When XGBoost Tree Meets Humanity: An Exploration of Implementing New Machine Learning Techniques into Everyday Fundraising Practice
by Marianne M. Pelletier

Leveraging Insights from Other Industries to Accelerate Data-Driven Success in University Fundraising
by Jim Dries and Hendrix Kits Van Heyningen

2020 Vision: Observations on How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Business of Philanthropy
by Melissa Cox

Hidden Voices: Using Social Listening to Uncover Audience Insights and Boost Advancement
by Amanda K. Jeppson and Rebecca C. Stapley

Texas Advancement Analytics Symposium

TAAS provides a thoughtful, grass-roots, supplement to the already existent programming of professional organizations in the advancement analytics space. Providing a venue for in-depth discussion and topical exploration, the symposium affords an advanced perspective on industry trends, systemic problems, and methodological solutions.

To learn more about how you can become involved in TAAS please contact us at TAAS@austin.utexas.edu.

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