Fall | Winter 2023

Ancient Maya Teeth

Dental Modification, Cosmology, and Social Identity in Mesoamerica

Vera Tiesler

France and Algeria

A History of Decolonization and Transformation

Phillip Naylor

Building Antebellum New Orleans

Free People of Color and Their Influence

Tara Dudley

Mesquite Pods to Mezcal

10,000 Years of Oaxacan Cuisines

Verónica Pérez Rodríguez, Shanti Morell-Hart, Stacie M. King

Houston and the Permanence of Segregation

An Afropessimist Approach to Urban History

David Ponton III

Paid to Care

Domestic Workers in Contemporary Latin American Culture

Rachel Randall

Imagining the Method

Reception, Identity, and American Screen Performance

Justin Owen Rawlins

A Body of One's Own

A Trans History of Argentina

Patricio Simonetto

Emergent Quilombos

Black Life and Hip-Hop in Brazil

Bryce Henson

Voices in Aerosol

Youth Culture, Institutional Attunement, and Graffiti in Urban Mexico

Caitlin Frances Bruce

The History of a Periphery

Spanish Colonial Cartography from Colombia's Pacific Lowlands

Juliet B. Wiersema

The City Aroused

Queer Places and Urban Redevelopment in Postwar San Francisco

Damon Scott

Portable Postsocialisms

New Cuban Mediascapes after the End of History

Paloma Duong

Borrowed Time

Survivors of Nazi Terezín Remember

Dennis Carlyle Darling

Llamas beyond the Andes

Untold Histories of Camelids in the Modern World

Marcia Stephenson

Breaking the Gender Code

Women and Urban Public Space in the Twentieth-Century United States

Georgina Hickey

Pink Gold

Women, Shrimp, and Work in Mexico

María L. Cruz-Torres

Black Feminist Constellations

Dialogue and Translation across the Americas

Christen A. Smith, Lorraine Leu

I'm Not There

Noah Tsika

The City in Texas

A History

David G. McComb

Quantum Justice

Global Girls Cultivating Disruption through Spoken Word Poetry

Crystal Leigh Endsley


A Novel

Friedrich Armand Strubberg, James C. Kearney

The Claremont Run

Subverting Gender in the X-Men

J. Andrew Deman, Jay Edidin

Reckoning with Harm

The Toxic Relations of Oil in Amazonia

Amelia M. Fiske

Unheard Witness

The Life and Death of Kathy Leissner Whitman

Jo Scott-Coe

A Curious Mix of People

The Underground Scene of '90s Austin

Greg Beets, Richard Whymark


Latinidad, Popular Culture, and America's War on Drugs

Jason Ruiz

Harvesting Haiti

Reflections on Unnatural Disasters

Myriam J. A. Chancy

The Sports Revolution

How Texas Changed the Culture of American Athletics

Frank Andre Guridy

A Single Star and Bloody Knuckles

A History of Politics and Race in Texas

Bill Minutaglio

The Entablo Manuscript

Water Rituals and Khipu Boards of San Pedro de Casta, Peru

Sarah Bennison

In the Land of the Patriarchs

Design and Contestation in West Bank Settlements

Noam Shoked

The New Public Art

Collectivity and Activism in Mexico since the 1980s

Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra

Making The Best Years of Our Lives

The Hollywood Classic That Inspired a Nation

Alison Macor

Reverberations of Racial Violence

Critical Reflections on the History of the Border

Sonia Hernández, John Morán González

Electrifying Mexico

Technology and the Transformation of a Modern City

Diana Montaño

Pastures of the Empty Page

Fellow Writers on the Life and Legacy of Larry McMurtry

George Getschow

Winifred Sanford

The Life and Times of a Texas Writer

Betty Holland Wiesepape

Duchess of Palms

A Memoir

Nadine Eckhardt


Keith Carter

Surviving Mexico

Resistance and Resilience among Journalists in the Twenty-first Century

Celeste González de Bustamante, Jeannine E. Relly

Border Policing

A History of Enforcement and Evasion in North America

Holly M. Karibo, George T. Díaz