Asher Elbein at Zilker Botanical Garden

Zilker Botanical Garden 2220 Barton Springs Road Austin, Texas 78746

Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Animals of Big Bend by Cindi Sirois Collins and Asher Elbein

Asher Elbein Talk on “Finbacks, Dinosaurs, and Sabertooths: The Vanished Worlds of Texas” at Dino Days

Asher Elbein is a science journalist and short fiction writer whose work covers paleontology, natural history, and culture for outlets like The New York Times, Texas Monthly, Audubon, and Scientific American. His first co-written book on paleontology, titled Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Animals of Big Bend arrives this summer. He’s excited to share more about the fascinating paleontology of Texas for Dino Days.

His talk will begin in the Carboniferous and Permian, when finbacked mammal relatives thrived before an ancient apocalypse, to the Cretaceous, when giant sea lizards swam the Texan sea and enormous dinosaurs and pterosaurs stalked the coastal prairies. After the dinosaurs go extinct, he’ll discuss how Texas’ ecosystem re-knitted itself together into the “Texas Serengeti” of the Cenozoic, with elephants, camels, strange carnivorous hippos, and sabercats–and finally, 20,000 years ago, people.

Preorder Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Animals of Big Bend here.

March 14th is a Free Admission Day, all are welcome to enjoy free entry to the Garden during operating hours.

This will take place in the Auditorium.