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Happy Birthday to Margo Price’s Memoir!

One year ago today, Margo Price’s memoir, Maybe We’ll Make It, hit bookshelves around the world, and we are so proud to celebrate the book’s incredible reception by fans and media. We’re running a 24-hour flash sale for folks to snag their copy and grab copies for friends and family at 50% off! Use the discount code UTXMARGO during checkout on our website until 12:00 a.m. CT on October 5!

In the months since Margo launched her memoir, book tour, and Strays album tour, she has garnered a profile in the New York Times, interviews in Elle, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, the Irish Times, Jezebel, on NPR’s Morning Edition, and Sound Opinions, and a feature segment on CBS Mornings!

We’re proud to share just a TASTE of the incredible accolades and praise that Maybe We’ll Make It received this past year below. Help us congratulate Margo Price on her incredible achievement! And don’t forget to take advantage of getting Margo Price’s memoir—much lauded and a read that “gives Prince Harry a run for his money” according to the Irish Times—at 50% off for a very limited time!

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Wall Street Journal

Included in “Five Best: Books on Country Music”

“‘Singing is not a real job,’ a guidance counselor once told a teenage Margo Price. What she shows us in her moving memoir is what a heck of a lot of work it is . . . Here, you sense, is someone who has fought every day for what she wants to do—and a reminder of how much unseen toil goes into a creative life.”

Rolling Stone

Included in “The Best Music Books of 2022”

“[Maybe We’ll Make It is] as heart-wrenching and unflinchingly honest as Price’s songs—you might rip through it in just one sitting.”


Included in “The Best Music Books of 2022”

“[Maybe We’ll Make It leaves] you hankering for a sequel this sharply remembered, keenly written and marvelously self-perceptive.”

BuzzFeed News

Included in “35 New Books You Won’t Be Able To Put Down”

“[Maybe We’ll Make It] documents [Price’s] prolonged plight and the unsung truth of breaking into the biz: It’s not glamorous . . . Her candid memoir takes the reader on a life-affirming journey.”

The Guardian

Read the interview with Margo Price

“Brutally honest . . . a vivid and poignant memoir.”

The Irish Times

Read the interview with Margo Price

“In terms of heartbreaking honesty, [Maybe We’ll Make It] gives Prince Harry a run for his money.”


Read the interview with Margo Price

“It would be an understatement to call her poignant, pulverizing memoir . . . Maybe We’ll Make It soul-baring. Price practically plops her heart, spleen, and a couple of kidneys onto the page.”


“The gritty struggle of how to get noticed in Nashville . . . Now established as a favourite songwriter of Willie Nelson, Margo Price had a hard ride to where she is today, her memoir reading like a soap opera borne from a song . . . As Price’s music evolved, so her wisdom grows during the book, and at its heart is stoic love: for each other, for family and friends, and above all for music and creative freedom.”

Literary Hub

Read the interview with Margo Price by Maggie Smith

“The writer and woman we find in the memoir is the same person we find in [Price’s] music: candid and vulnerable with the ability to make you laugh with one line and make you cry with the next. Maybe We’ll Make It explores the balance of art and life, the ups and downs of ‘making it,’ profound love, and profound loss. Price’s writing is conversational, lyrical, and above all, human. You can hear the person behind the prose.”

NPR’s “Books We Love”

Year-end “Books We Love” feature

“[Price’s] new memoir, which covers her childhood and her years struggling to start her career in Nashville, proves that she’s just as talented at penning prose as she is at writing songs – which is to say, really damn good. Reading this book feels like hanging out with one of your smartest, liveliest friends.”

The New Yorker

Read the full profile

“In the mornings, when she would formerly have been nursing a hangover, she used the time to write a memoir, Maybe We’ll Make It, which was published last October by the University of Texas Press. It details her long years of rejection in Nashville before Jack White’s label, Third Man Records, put out Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, her breakthrough album, in 2016. Earlier in the day, Price had met some producers about making a documentary based on her book.”


Included in “9 Can’t-Put-Down Music Memoirs Of 2022”

Maybe We’ll Make It is a beautiful, soul-baring memoir…Despite her elegant prose, Price does not hold back any of the ugly details of her starving artist lifestyle…Her unabashed commentary on the sexist undertones of the country music industry, and the grueling need to prove herself to record labels that are only too eager to cast her aside, reveal her fighter spirit…Even in her darkest moments, Price writes with crushing honesty and humility. Her story serves as a poignant reflection on finding courage in chaos and leaning on a support system when life is too difficult to shoulder alone.”

The Times Literary Supplement

Read the review

“Price has come good on that optimistic title – with several hit records under her belt, and blurbs from Willie Nelson and Lucinda Williams testifying to the company she now keeps – but, as her book makes clear, she has travelled a hard road to success. Price is adept at turning privation into raw material, from the farming crisis in the 1980s, which saw her family lose their livelihood, to her decision to quit university and head to Nashville with, “fifty seven dollars left to my name,” bunking with a cousin who had a Cleopatra complex and surviving on hummus and stale bread.”