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Special Issue: Transregional Politics of Throat-Singing as Cultural Heritage in Inner and Central Asia.

Grounding Heritage

  • Cradle of Drone-Overtone and Timbre-Centered Music: Cultural Landscapes of the Indigenous Peoples of the Altai Mountain Range and Its Neighboring Areas

by Carole Pegg

  • Propriety, Property, and Heritage in the Performance of Mongol Khöömii

by Andrew Colwell

  • Gifts of the Sygytchy-Sons: Tethering Melodies to Land, Kin, and Life Engery at the Khöömei Ovaa, Tyva Republic

by Robert O. Beahrs

Transregional Responses

  • Khöömii, World Lists, and the Question of Representation

by Johanni Curtet

  • Khöömii, Chooryn Duu, and Dissonant Heritage in Inner Mongolia, China

by Charlotte D’Evelyn

  • (Re)Claiming a Vocal Vernacular: Revival and Modernization in Kömei in Contemporary Kazakh Music

by Saida Daukeyeva


  • Khöömei and Heritage: An Afterword

by Theodore Levin

  • Khöömei—Ambassador to the World: An Afterword

by Valentina Süzükei, translated by Sean Quirk


  • Coptic Chant and Maqam: The Modal Heritage of a Liturgical Tradition

by Nicholas Ragheb

  • The Classical Khayal and Marathi Popular Music: Unpacking Music Genres and Categories in Maharashtra, India

by Aditi Deo

  • Emergence of an Ecumene: Transnational Encounters in South Indian Carnatic Music

by Rajeswari Ranganathan

  • Tuning “American Gamelan”: Transforming Javanese Gamelan Tunings in North America

by Jay M. Arms

Book Reviews

          Turkish Music: Two Titles, Reviewed by Dave Fossum

  • Melancholic Modalities: Affect, Islam, and Turkish Classical Musicians by Denise Gill
  • Makamsiz: Individualization of Traditional Music on the Eve of Kemalist Turkey by Martin Greve
  • Dynamic Korea and Rhythmic Form by Katherine In-Young Lee

Reviewed by: Donna Lee Kwon

Media Review

  • Flot Suspendu (Suspended Flow) by Véronique Piron

Reviewed by: Garrett Groesbeck