Western History Association Virtual Exhibit

We are pleased to exhibit at the 2022 meeting of the Western History Association in San Antonio, TX from October 12 – 15, 2022, and offer a discount on all of our new and award-winning books in history, border studies, Texas, Latinx and Chicanx Studies, and more. Browse our list of new and recent titles, chat with our editors, pick up a copy of our history subject catalog, and more.

Apply the discount code UTXWHA during checkout to receive 30% off the full list price of any book for domestic orders, plus free domestic shipping. Offer valid through November 30, 2022. Free standard U.S. domestic shipping is included. Browse featured books below!

Below is a schedule of our authors presenting their work:

Alicia Gaspar de Alba, We Didn’t Mean to Die Here: Gender-Based Violence in the Midwest, the West, and the Borderlands10/13 8:15 AMRio Grande East (Ballroom Level)
Jennifer Koshatka Seman, Healing and Religion in the West: Indigenous and Mexican American Cases10/13 8:15 AMDirectors (Hill Country Level)
Cristina Salinas, Migrant Narratives of Racialized Labor, Discrimination, and Historical Amnesia in the U.S. Borderlands10/13 8:15 AMFrio (Hill Country Level)
Ron Tyler, Curating the West: The Scholarship and Legacy of Peter H. Hassrick10/13 8:15 AMPecos (Hill Country Level)
2022 Presidential Plenary: Francisco J. Galarte, Queer Western History in the Age of Pandemic and Protest10/13 5:15 PMRio Grande Ballroom
Sonia Hernández, Blazing the Frontier: Spanish-Speaking Anarchists in the American West10/14 8:15 AMLlano (Hill Country Level)
Felipe Hinojosa, Faith and Power: Latino Religious Politics Since 194510/14 8:15 AMMesquite (Hill Country Level)
Philis M. Barragán Goetz, State of the Field: Old and New Protocols of Latinx History10/14 10:15 AMLive Oak (Hill Country Level)
Erika M. Bsumek, Currents of Colonialism: A Roundtable Discussion on Histories of Water and Dispossession in the West10/14 10:15 AMFrio (Hill Country Level)
Max Krochmal, Latinx Public History: Taking Our History Out of the Shadows10/14 10:15 AMPecos (Hill Country Level)
Jesus F. de la Teja, Texas as a Borderland: A Long Durée Look10/15 8:15 AMRio Grande Center (Ballroom Level)
Jessica Luther, The Politics of Exclusion and the Protocols of
Resistance: Understanding the Political Landscape of 21st-Century Texas
10/15 10:15 AMRio Grande Center (Ballroom Level)
David Montejano, The Civil War Era & Greater Reconstruction in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands10/15 10:15 AMRio Grande West (Ballroom Level)
George T. Díaz, The Texas Rangers: Reconsidering 200 Years of Myth, Violence, & Erasure10/15 1:30 PMMedina (Ballroom Level)
Ignacio M. García, In Search of Chicano History: Reflections by Senior Chicana/o Historians10/15 3:30 PMRio Grande East (Ballroom Level)
Holly Marie Karibo, Paying For It: Sex Work, Drug Dealing, and Incarceration in the U.S. West10/15 3:30 PMPecan (Hill Country Level)
Eric V. Meeks, War, Politics, and Mexican Identity on the Borderlands and Periphery10/15 3:30 PMFrio (Hill Country Level)
Cynthia E. Orozco, In Search of Chicano History: Reflections by Senior Chicana/o Historians10/15 3:30 PMRio Grande East (Ballroom Level)

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Apply the discount code UTXWHA during checkout!

The Olympics that Never Happened

Denver '76 and the Politics of Growth

Adam Berg

Before Lawrence v. Texas

The Making of a Queer Social Movement

Wesley G. Phelps

The Foundations of Glen Canyon Dam

Infrastructures of Dispossession on the Colorado Plateau

Erika Marie Bsumek

Hope and Hard Truth

A Life in Texas Politics

Mary Beth Rogers

More City than Water

A Houston Flood Atlas

Lacy M. Johnson, Cheryl Beckett

Blue Architecture

Water, Design, and Environmental Futures

Brook Muller

Border Land, Border Water

A History of Construction on the US-Mexico Divide

C. J. Alvarez

Chicanx Utopias

Pop Culture and the Politics of the Possible

Luis Alvarez

The Mexican American Experience in Texas

Citizenship, Segregation, and the Struggle for Equality

Martha Menchaca

Barbara Jordan

Speaking the Truth with Eloquent Thunder

Max Sherman

Civil Rights in Black and Brown

Histories of Resistance and Struggle in Texas

Max Krochmal, Todd Moye

Resisting Garbage

The Politics of Waste Management in American Cities

Lily Baum Pollans

The Politics of Patronage

Lawyers, Philanthropy, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Benjamin Márquez

Reverberations of Racial Violence

Critical Reflections on the History of the Border

Sonia Hernández, John Morán González

A Single Star and Bloody Knuckles

A History of Politics and Race in Texas

Bill Minutaglio

From a Taller Tower

The Rise of the American Mass Shooter

Seamus McGraw

The Sports Revolution

How Texas Changed the Culture of American Athletics

Frank Andre Guridy

Lone Star Vistas

Travel Writing on Texas, 1821-1861

Astrid Haas

Violence in the Hill Country

The Texas Frontier in the Civil War Era

Nicholas Keefauver Roland

Brown Trans Figurations

Rethinking Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Chicanx/Latinx Studies

Francisco J. Galarte

Borderlands Curanderos

The Worlds of Santa Teresa Urrea and Don Pedrito Jaramillo

Jennifer Koshatka Seman

Apostles of Change

Latino Radical Politics, Church Occupations, and the Fight to Save the Barrio

Felipe Hinojosa

Loving Sports When They Don't Love You Back

Dilemmas of the Modern Fan

Jessica Luther, Kavitha Davidson

A Thirsty Land

The Fight for Water in Texas

Seamus McGraw

Reading, Writing, and Revolution

Escuelitas and the Emergence of a Mexican American Identity in Texas

Philis Barragán Goetz

Border Policing

A History of Enforcement and Evasion in North America

Holly M. Karibo, George T. Díaz

American Tacos

A History and Guide

José R. Ralat

Border Citizens

The Making of Indians, Mexicans, and Anglos in Arizona

Eric V. Meeks, Patricia Nelson Limerick

Agent of Change

Adela Sloss-Vento, Mexican American Civil Rights Activist and Texas Feminist

Cynthia E. Orozco

Big Wonderful Thing

A History of Texas

Stephen Harrigan

Taking the Land to Make the City

A Bicoastal History of North America

Mary P. Ryan

Managed Migrations

Growers, Farmworkers, and Border Enforcement in the Twentieth Century

Cristina Salinas

Chicana Movidas

New Narratives of Activism and Feminism in the Movement Era

Dionne Espinoza, María Eugenia Cotera, Maylei Blackwell

The Politics of Dependency

US Reliance on Mexican Oil and Farm Labor

Martha Menchaca

A Promising Problem

The New Chicana/o History

Carlos Kevin Blanton

The Jemima Code

Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks

Toni Tipton-Martin

Border Contraband

A History of Smuggling across the Rio Grande

George T. Díaz

Texas Takes Wing

A Century of Flight in the Lone Star State

Barbara Ganson

When Mexicans Could Play Ball

Basketball, Race, and Identity in San Antonio, 1928–1945

Ignacio M. García

Quixote's Soldiers

A Local History of the Chicano Movement, 1966–1981

David Montejano

The Laws of Slavery in Texas

Historical Documents and Essays

Randolph B. Campbell, William S. Pugsley, Marilyn P. Duncan