US Latina & Latino Oral History Journal Recent Issues

Find journal articles and authors from recent issues of US Latina & Latino Oral History Journal below.


  • La primera línea: Latina/o Frontline Health Workers during COVID-19’s First US Wave

by Dana Yarak and Beatrix Hoffman

  • In the Shadows of the Health-Care City: Historicizing Trans Latinx Immigrant Experiences during the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Leo Valdes

  • A Voice for Immigrants: Latino Activism, Testimonial Practices, and Public Catholicism in Indianapolis

by Ethan Sharp

  • “Cities for People, Not for Profit”: Gentrification and Housing Activism in Bushwick

by Cynthia Tobar

Notes from the Community

  • Preserving Activist Community Memory in the Pacific Northwest: Chicana/o Movement in Washington State History Project and Oral Histories: Chicano and Latinx History in Social Context of Seattle and Washington State

by Oscar Rosales Castañeda

  • Pathways in Oral History: Mireya Loza



  • De viva voz: Mariachi Musicians Share Their Stories

by Vinicio Sinta

  • Be the Street: The Performative and Transformative Possibilities of Oral History

by Stacey Alex and Elena Foulis

  • “Estoy aquí, estoy allá”: Stories of Transnational Dominican Migrants and Their Retirement

by Sharon Utakis, Nelson Reynoso, and Alicia Bralove Ramírez

Notes from the Community

  • La cultura cura: Oral History on the Border

by Angelina T. Martínez and Yolanda Chávez Leyva

  • Pathways in Oral History:  José Ángel Gutiérrez



  • The Spiritual Journey of Mary Sanchez:  A Promise Fulfilled

by Richard Griswold Del Castillo with Rita Sanchez

  • Latinas/os in Documentary Filmmaking:  Issues of Representation, Funding, and Opportunity

by Voces staff

Repository Review

  •   Mexican American Oral Histories at the Austin History Center

by Omar Rodríguez Ortiz

Notes from the Community

  • The South Colton Oral History Project

by Tom M. Rivera

  • Pathways in Oral History:  Vicki L. Ruiz



  • Oral History in the History of Mexican Americans:  Reflections from Four Decades in the Field

by Julie Leininger Pycior

  • The Multiple Individual Interview Session:  An Effective Method to Recover the Latina/o Perspective

by Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

  • An Oral History:  A Lifetime of Learning

by Mary Alice Carnes

  • Pathways in Oral History

by Rina Benmayor

Notes from the Community

  • New Roots/Nuevas Raíces Oral History Initiative

by Hannah Gill


  • The Origins of the 1975 Expansion of the Voting Rights Act: Linking Language, Race, and Political Influence

by Luis Ricardo Fraga

  • Raza Unida Party Women in Texas: Oral History, Pedagogy, and Historical Interpretation

by Emilio Zamora

  • “We are Asking for Equal Education”: Mexican Americans and the Quest for Educational Equity in Arizona

by Maritza De La Trinidad

  • The 1960s Chicano Movement for Educational Reform and the Rise of Student Protest Activism on San Antonio’s Westside

by James B. Barrera

  • Pathways to Political Office: Maria Cárdenas and the Creation of Single-Member Districts in San Angelo, Texas

by Tiffany J. González

Repository Review

  • Mexican American Oral Histories at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center

by Christian Kelleher

Notes from the Community

  • The Llano Grande Center

by Francisco Guajardo and Miguel Guajardo

  • Pathways in Oral History: Mario T. García