The Linda Schele Endowment in Maya and Pre-Columbian Studies

Ancient Maya Teeth

Vera Tiesler

Memory in Fragments

Megan E. O'Neil

Mesquite Pods to Mezcal

Verónica Pérez Rodríguez, Shanti Morell-Hart, Stacie M. King

The Adorned Body

Nicholas Carter, Stephen D. Houston, Franco D. Rossi

The Beast Between

Matthew G. Looper

The Teabo Manuscript

Mark Z. Christensen

The White Shaman Mural

Carolyn E. Boyd, Kim Cox

The Burden of the Ancients

Allen J. Christenson

Picture Cave

Carol Diaz-Granados, James R. Duncan, F. Kent Reilly III, Patty Jo Watson, Alan Cressler

The Complete Codex Zouche-Nuttall

Robert Lloyd Williams, Rex Koontz

Visualizing the Sacred

George E. Lankford, F. Kent Reilly III, James F. Garber

The Jaguar and the Priest

Pedro Pitarch, Roy Wagner

Lord Eight Wind of Suchixtlan and the Heroes of Ancient Oaxaca

Robert Lloyd Williams, F. Kent Reilly III, John M. D. Pohl

To Be Like Gods

Matthew G. Looper

Monkey Business Theatre

Robert M. Laughlin

Ancient Objects and Sacred Realms

F. Kent Reilly III, James F. Garber, Vincas P. Steponaitis

Water and Ritual

Lisa J. Lucero

In the Maw of the Earth Monster

James E. Brady, Keith M. Prufer

Maya Political Science

Prudence M. Rice

The Maya and Teotihuacan

Geoffrey E. Braswell

Lightning Warrior

Matthew G. Looper

Maya Palaces and Elite Residences

Jessica Joyce Christie

Star Gods of the Maya

Susan Milbrath