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  • Indigo Reimagined: A Conversation with Peju Layiwola

by Jean Borgatti

  • Arkilla, Kaasa, and Nsaa: The Many Influences of Wool Textiles from the Niger Bend in West Africa

by Bernhard Gardi and Michelle Gilbert

  • Unraveling Threads: Cloth in Zohra Opoku’s Poetic Image Making

by Silvia Forni

  • Royal Garments of the Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II, 2014-2020

by Elisha P. Renne and Abdulkarim DanAsabe

  • Reconstructing the Historic Akhnif: A Semi-Circular Woven-to-Shape Cloak of Southern Morocco

by Myriem Naji

  • Not African? Contested Origins of Wax Print and Its High-Fashion Appropriation

by Boatema Boateng

  • Getting to Know Early Modern Western Central African Textiles: New Evidence, Old Shadows, and the Puzzle of Pineapple Fibers

by Cécile Fromont

  • The Fabric of Diaspora: Memory, Portraiture, and Empowerment in the Quilts of Bisa Butler

by Nancy Demerdash

  • Between History, Theory, and Practice: Iconographic Analysis and Re-Creation of the Silk and Cotton Tablet Woven Hangings of Ethiopia

by Michael Gervers and Claire Gérentet de Saluneaux

  • Research Notes: Two Ádíre Cloths and One Fancy Factory-Printed Design as Popular Political Commentary on the Career of Obafemi Awolowo

by Tunde M. Akinwumi

  • Mid-Nineteenth Century Weavings from Imerina, Madagascar: A Missionary’s Collection in Dialogue with Contemporaneous Malagasy Texts

by Sarah Fee

Book Review

  • Masquerading Politics: Kinship, Gender, and Ethnicity in a Yoruba Town, by John Thabiti Willis

Reviewed by Okechukwu Nwafor


  • Introduction

by Mary M. Dusenbury

  • Exploring Colors from the Past: In the Steps of Eighteenth-Century Dyers from France and England

by Dominique Cardon, Iris Brémaud, Anita Quye, and Jenny Balfour Paul

  • Woven Brilliance: Approaching Color in Andean Textile Traditions

by Elena Phipps

  • The Analysis of Dyes in Textiles

by Richard Laursen

  • Color, Expectations, and Authenticity in Oriental Carpets: The Case of the Anhalt Carpet in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

by Walter B. Denny

  • The Color Red: Madder Dyes as Determinants of Provenance in a Group of Kalamkari Textiles

by Yael Rosenfield and Nobuko Shibayama

  • Chinese Textiles for the Portuguese Market: Rethinking Their History through Dye Analysis

by Ana Claro and Maria João Ferreira

  • Color Power: Contributions of Science and Technology to the Study of Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century “Vine-Scroll” Carpets

by Raquel Santos, Ana Claro, Blythe McCarthy, and Jessica Hallett

  • Indigo and Blue: A Marriage Made in Heaven

by Jenny Balfour Paul

  • Research Notes: Textiles, Trade & Taste–Portugal and the World | A Project on the Global Circulation of Textiles and Dyes

by Raquel Santos, Ana Claro, Ana Serrano, Maria João Ferreira, and Jessica Hallett

  • The Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection and Center: Its Future Scholarly Activities and Potential for Research

by Marie-Eve Celio-Scheurer

  • Recommendations from the Library

compiled by Tracey Meserve


  • Introduction:  In Honor of Dr. Mattiebelle Gittinger

by Ruth Barnes and Cristin McKnight Sethi

  • Tools of the Master Dyer:  Dye Materials in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century South Asian Painted Cotton Textiles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

by Sylvia Houghteling and Nobuko Shibayama

  • Stripes, Checks, and Flowers:  Textile Patterns in the Murals of Lepakshi, South India

by Brigitte Khan Majlis

  • An Unusual Shrinathji Hanging from Saurashtra in The Textile Museum

by Cristin McKnight Sethi

  • Modeling a Future for Handmade Textiles:  Bhutan in the Twenty-First Century

by Susan S. Bean, Diana K. Myers, and Rinzin O. Dorji

  • An Introduction to Khmer Banners

by Rebecca Hall

  • Silk Production and Marketing in Cambodia in 1995:  A Research Report for the Revival of Traditional Silk Weaving Project, UNESCO Cambodia

by Morimoto Kikuo and Louise Allison Cort

  • From Warrior’s Attire to Dance Costume:  The Short and Sleeveless Jacket in Ancient Indonesia

by Sandra Sardjono

  • Fragments of Splendor:  Indonesian Textiles in the Lloyd Cotsen Collection

by Ruth Barnes

  • Seven Early Iban Kain Kebat

by Traude Gavin

  • Original or Imitation?  Batik in Java and Glarus (Switzerland) in the Nineteenth Century

by Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff


  • Draping, Wrapping, Hanging:  Transposing Textile Materiality in the Middle Ages

by Patricia Blessing, Guest Editor

  • Gems in Cloth and Stone:  Medium, Materiality, and the Late Antique Jeweled Aesthetic

by Elizabeth Dospel Williams

  • Painted Silks:  Form and Production of Women’s Court Dress in the Mongol Empire

by Eiren L. Shea

  • Put a Bird on it:  What an Aviary Preoccupation Reveals about Medieval Silks

by Meredyth Lynn Winter