Texas Studies in Literature and Language Recent Issues

Find journal articles and authors from recent issues of Texas Studies in Literature and Language below.


  • “The Moon Shines Down the Stair/To See Who’s There”: The Poetics of the Crossword and the Cross Words of Poetics

by David Ben-Merre

  • Transnational Intimacy in Israel Potter

by Yoshiaki Furui

  • Between Transgression and Conviviality: Everyday Urban Space and the Carnivalesque Strategies in The Lovely Londoners

by Bomi Jeon

  • Owning a Sense of Perversity in Ellen Wood’s East Lynne

by Sun Jai Kim

  • The Surprising Success of C.R. Maturin’s Bertram: A Collaboration with Scott, Byron, Kean and Murray

by Jae Young Park

  • Jinjitsu of the Spirit: Trublood, His Audience, and Lyrical Subversion in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

by Joel Peckham

  • The Reading Closet

by Sunggyung Jo

  • Reading Post-slavery Subjectivities in Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth

by Teresa Feroli

  • A Rite of Finitude: Richard Wilbur’s Hermeneutic Ontology

by William Tate

  • The Politics of the Poison Pen: Communism, Caricature, and Scapegoats in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

by Luke Sayers

  • Compromised Men and Aspiring Women: The Fatality of Romance in James M. Cain’s Depression-Era Novels

by Robert Lance Snyder

  • Silence, Space, and Absence in Joseph Conrad’s African Fiction

by John G. Peters

  • The Dialectics of Barbarous Civilization: Black Transnational Modernsim in Claude Mckay’s Banjo

by Tomohiro Hori

  • Negotiating the Politics of Chinese Fiction: The Case of Yan Lianke’s “Child”

by Haiyan Xie

  • Creative Creatures

by Patricia Clare Ingham

  • Charles d’Orléans’s “Fowle Langage”

by Holly Barbaccia

  • “The Surface on Which You Work”: Self-Alienation and the Culture of Narcissism in The Edible Woman

by Cailin Flannery Roles

  • Miserable Communions: Sentimentality in Claudia Rankine’s Don’t Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric

by Annie Bolotin

  • A Man in Search of Family: Kinship and Decline in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

by Jay N. Shelat

  • The Wizard of Awe: An Introduction in Three Parts

by Domino R, Perez

  • “You Are a Cortez!”: Robert Rodriguez’s Tejano Sensibility and Restorative Kinship in the Spy Kids Series

by Jennifer Lozano

  • The Latinx Fantastic: Robert Rodriguez and the Power of His Speculative Storytelling

by Christopher González

  • Robert Rodriguez: Teaching Creativity

by Charles Ramírez Berg

  • Speculative-Real Ethnoracial Spaces and the Formation of a Nepantlera Warrior

by Frederick Luis Aldama

  • From Dawn Till Dusk: El Rey Network and the Evolution of Cable Television in the 2010s

by Alisa Perren

  • Shakespeare the Formalist: Reading and Rewriting John Marston in the Poets’ War

by Meghan C. Andrews

  • Post-9/11-Disaster Katrina: Reenacting American Innocence in Dave Eggers’s Zeitoun

by Jung-Suk Hwang

  • The Critique of Reason and Biopolitics in William Blake’s The Four Zoas

by Haram Lee

  • A Schoolhouse of Their Own: Economic Erotics in The Children’s Hour

by Margaret Speer

  • Lautrémont, Anarchism and the Origins of the Avant-Garde

by Neil Nehring