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Rights & Permissions

Subsidiary Rights
If you are interested in foreign language rights to one of our books, please see our list of international rights agents who represent University of Texas Press in various languages and regions around the world. For all other subsidiary rights queries including audio, film, dramatic, serial, and reprint contact Angelica Lopez-Torres.

Permission for Republication from Books
Please use our automated form to request permission to reprint a text passage or image from a University of Texas Press book. Note that in many cases images were used in our book by permission and we don’t control rights—see credit information on the image to determine the rights holder. Please be sure that the requested material was actually published by the University of Texas Press as several other departments at the University of Texas publish their own work.

Permissions for Course Use or Library Reserve
Please visit the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to request permission for use of content in an academic course or in a library reserve. If the CCC can’t grant permission contact Peggy Gough.

Permission for Republication from Journals
To request permission to reprint journal articles, visit our Journals Division.

Request for Alternative Formats from Print-Disabled Students
The University of Texas Press offers many of its books in accessible e-book formats. If a work available for purchase is not offered in a suitable format for a print disabled student, please visit our partner Bookshare, a nonprofit organization that helps students with print disabilities access books:

For Books Self-Archiving and Institutional Repository Policy, visit our Permission Guidelines for Current Authors.

Individual queries can also be made by contacting Peggy Gough, or by downloading and submitting this form [ .pdf ]. 

Rights Catalogs

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