Popular Culture Association Virtual Exhibit

We are pleased to exhibit at the 2023 meeting of the Popular Culture Association in San Antonio, TX from April 5 – 8, 2023, and offer a discount on all of our new and award-winning books on Film Studies, Comic Studies, Music and more. Be sure to visit our table at PCA/ACA, browse our list of new and recent titles, chat with Editor Jim Burr and Editorial Assistant Mia Uribe-Kozlovsky, and enjoy a great discount!

Apply the discount code UTXPCA during checkout online to receive 30% off the full list price of any book for domestic orders, plus free domestic shipping. Offer valid from April 5 through May 31, 2023. Free standard U.S. domestic shipping is included. Browse featured books below!

21st Century Film Essentials

Edited by Donna Kornhaber

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21st Century Film Essentials offers a lively chronicle of cinema’s second century, examining the landmark films of our ever-changing moment. Each book makes a case for the importance of a particular contemporary film for artistic, historical, or commercial reasons. The twenty-first century has already been a time of tremendous change in filmmaking the world over, and the films examined here are the ones that embody and exemplify these changes, crystallizing emerging trends or pointing in new directions. This series is a study of film history in the making. It is meant to provide a different kind of approach to cinema’s story—one written in the present tense. Submissions or queries may be directed to Senior Acquisitions Editor, Jim Burr, jburr@utpress.utexas.edu.

American Music Series

Edited by Jessica Hopper and Charles Hughes

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American popular music evolves quickly, and it is perhaps the most pervasive cultural product in the world today. Written for pop music enthusiasts of all stripes, books in this series treat important, enduring, and perhaps under-recognized aspects of our most dynamic art form. Any definition of American music must encompass the full diversity of people, genres, and forces that have shaped it, and to that end the series publishes cultural histories, essay collections, critical artist biographies, memoirs, as well as other forms of inventive storytelling. Submissions or queries may be directed to Editor-in-Chief,
Casey Kittrell, ckittrell@utpress.utexas.edu.

World Comics and Graphic Nonfiction Series

Edited by Frederick Luis Aldama, Christopher González,
and Deborah Elizabeth Whaley

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The World Comics and Graphic Nonfiction Series includes monographs and edited volumes that focus on the analysis and interpretation of comic books and graphic nonfiction from around the world. The books published in the series use analytical approaches from literature, art history, cultural studies, communication studies, media studies, and film studies, among other fields, to help define the comic book studies field at a time of great vitality and growth. Submissions or queries may be directed to Senior Acquisitions Editor, Jim Burr, jburr@utpress.utexas.edu.

Super Bodies

Jeffrey A. Brown

Quantum Criminals

Alex Pappademas, Joan LeMay

Quantum Criminals: Ramblers, Wild Gamblers, and Other Sole Survivors from the Songs of Steely Dan will publish May 2023.

A Pure Solar World

Paul Youngquist

The Color Pynk

Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley

Black Country Music

Francesca T. Royster

The Empire of Effects

Julie A. Turnock

Black Panther

Scott Bukatman

DJ Screw

Lance Scott Walker

Autism in Film and Television

Murray Pomerance, R. Barton Palmer

All I Ever Wanted

Kathy Valentine

Hollywood Shutdown

Kate Fortmueller


Nicholas F. Centino

American Twilight

Kristopher Woofter, Will Dodson

Seeing Sideways

Kristin Hersh

Why Solange Matters

Stephanie Phillips

Tragedy Plus Time

Philip Scepanski


Anna Peppard

The LEGO Movie

Dana Polan


Hannah Ewens

Comics and Pop Culture

Barry Keith Grant, Scott Henderson

All New, All Different?

Allan W. Austin, Patrick L. Hamilton

The Art of Pere Joan

Benjamin Fraser

Go Ahead in the Rain

Hanif Abdurraqib

Beyoncé in Formation

Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley

The Comedy Studies Reader

Nick Marx, Matt Sienkiewicz

The Many Cinemas of Michael Curtiz

R. Barton Palmer, Murray Pomerance

A Place of Darkness

Kendall R. Phillips


Linda Mizejewski, Victoria Sturtevant, Kathleen Rowe Karlyn

Why Harry Met Sally

Joshua Louis Moss

Jazz and Cocktails

Jans B. Wager

Arresting Development

Christopher Pizzino

Islam and Popular Culture

Karin van Nieuwkerk, Mark LeVine, Martin Stokes

Race on the QT

Adilifu Nama

The Dread of Difference

Barry Keith Grant


Linda Mizejewski

Dream West

Douglas Brode

Film Genre Reader IV

Barry Keith Grant

Shooting Stars of the Small Screen

Douglas Brode, Fess Parker

Black Space

Adilifu Nama