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1990 Annual

Joyce Studies Annual
Thomas F. Staley
Selection From the Paris Diary of Stuart Gilbert, 1929-1934
Thomas F. Staley and Randolph Lewis, Editors
In Quest of a nisus formativus Joyceanus
Fritz Senn
I Think Her Pretty: Reflections of the Familiar in Joyce's Notebook VI.B.5
David Hayman
The Politics of Childhood in 'The Mime of Mick, Nick, and the Maggies'
Margot Norris
The Anti-Schematics of Finnegans Wake
Mernard Benstock
Yet Another Anthology for the 'Oxen': Murison's Selections
Robert Janusko
Eros and Apposition: Giacomo Joyce
Richard Brown
Beyond Translation: Italian Re-writing of Finnegans Wake
Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli
Narrative Gifts: 'Cyclops' and the Economy of Excess
Mark Osteen
Annual James Joyce Checklist: 1989
Will Goodwin