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Forthcoming Series: Connected Histories of the Middle East and the Global South

Edited by Afshin Marashi and Houri Berberian

Submissions or queries may be directed to the series editors, Afshin Marashi at amarashi@ou.edu and Houri Berberian at houri.berberian@uci.edu, in addition to Acquisitions Editor Jim Burr at jburr@utpress.utexas.edu.

Connected Histories of the Middle East and the Global South is an interdisciplinary book series
published by the University of Texas Press. The series seeks to publish original research that moves beyond the conventional geo‐spatial conventions of the area studies paradigm of scholarship. This focus is designed to shift the focus of the series away from work that takes a single nation‐state, national history, or comparative study as its framework of inquiry. Therefore, instead of exploring these societies in relation to each other, the series seeks to study them through one another, that is, through connection, interaction, and encounter. Building on emerging scholarship shaped by “connected histories,” “transnationalism,” and “global history,” the series seeks to support research investigating the circulations of peoples, objects, texts, and ideas that link the societies of the Middle East to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Focusing primarily on the varied forms of these South‐South connections, the series will emphasize themes of mobilities, migration, diaspora, capital flows, pilgrimage, transregional subaltern connectivities, as well as networks of activism, culture, and ideology. While the focus of the series is primarily on the modern period, the series is also open to trans‐temporal scholarship that challenges the historiographic divide between the early modern and modern eras. Collectively, the books published in the series will highlight areas of research that have fallen outside, between, or at the margins of conventionally defined geographies of scholarship.

Forthcoming Titles

  • Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Across the Green Sea: Histories for the Western Indian Ocean, 1440-1640
  • Shaherzad Ahmadi, Bordering on War: A Social and Political History of Khuzistan
  • Aria Fani, Spaces between Nations: Afghans, Iranians, and the Making of Persian Literature


Sonia Nimr, M. Lynx Qualey

Ibn Arabi's Small Death

Mohammad Hassan Alwan, William M. Hutchins

Making Levantine Cuisine

Anny Gaul, Graham Auman Pitts, Vicki Valosik

The Egyptian Labor Corps

Kyle J. Anderson

My Heart Became a Bomb

Ramy al-Asheq, Levi Thompson

A Bed for the King's Daughter

Shahla Ujayli, Sawad Hussain

The Mosquito Bite Author

Baris Biçakçi, Matthew Chonavec

Exile and the Nation

Afshin Marashi

My Shadow Is My Skin

Katherine Whitney, Leila Emery


Kemal Varol, Dayla Rogers

Egypt's Beer

Omar D. Foda

Acting Egyptian

Carmen M. K. Gitre

Ghady & Rawan

Fatima Sharafeddine, Samar Mahfouz Barraj, Sawad Hussain, M. Lynx Qualey

Poetic Justice

Deborah Kapchan

Believing Women in Islam

Asma Barlas, David Raeburn Finn

Moving In and Out of Islam

Karin van Nieuwkerk

Dying in a Mother Tongue

Roja Chamankar, Blake Atwood

The Iranian Diaspora

Mohsen Mostafavi Mobasher

Music, Sound, and Architecture in Islam

Michael Frishkopf, Federico Spinetti

The Mexican Mahjar

Camila Pastor

Using Life

Ahmed Naji, Ayman Al Zorkany, Benjamin Koerber

Bad Girls of the Arab World

Nadia Yaqub, Rula Quawas

Subversives and Mavericks in the Muslim Mediterranean

Odile Moreau, Stuart Schaar, Edmund Burke III

Kalima wa Nagham

Nasser M. Isleem, Ghazi M. Abuhakema

Islam and Popular Culture

Karin van Nieuwkerk, Mark LeVine, Martin Stokes

Kurdish Awakening

Ofra Bengio

Queer Beirut

Sofian Merabet

I Want to Get Married!

Ghada Abdel Aal, Nora Eltahawy