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September 2017, 26:3

Journal of the History of Sexuality
The Challenges of Including Sexual Violence and Transgressive Love in Historical Writing on World War II and the Holocaust
Annette F. Timm
Reframing Sexual Violence as a Weapon and Strategy of War: The Case of the German Wehrmacht during the War and Genocide in the Soviet Union, 1941–1944
Regina Mühlhäuser
The Leroy Henry Case: Sexual Violence and Allied Relations in Great Britain, 1944
Mary Louise Roberts
Interracial Relationships and the “Brown Baby Question”: Black GIs, White British Women, and Their Mixed-Race Offspring in World War II
Lucy Bland
Female Sexual Desire and Male Honor: German Women’s Illicit Love Affairs with Prisoners of War during the Second World War
Cornelie Usborne
Making Sense of a Rape Photograph: Sexual Violence as Social Performance on the Eastern Front, 1939–1944
Elissa Mailänder