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September 2016, 25:3

Journal of the History of Sexuality
Bodies of Spirit and Bodies of Flesh: The Significance of the Sexual Practices Attributed to Heretics from the Eleventh to the Fourteenth Century
Michael D. Barbezat
Public Silence and Police Surveillance: Conflicting Attitudes to Bestiality in Colonial Otago
Sarah Carr
Handmade and Homemade: Vernacular Expressions of American Sexual History
Lisa Z. Sigel
“A Fully Formed Blast from Abroad”?: Australasian Lesbian Circuits of Mobility and the Transnational Exchange of Ideas in the 1960s and 1970s
Rebecca Jennings, Liz Millward
“Overturning the ‘Table’”: The Hidden Meaning of a Talmudic Metaphor for Coitus
Noah Benjamin Bickart