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September 2015, 24:3

Journal of the History of Sexuality
“Making Men What They Should Be”: Male Same-Sex Intimacy and Evangelical Religion in Early Nineteenth-Century New England
Bruce Dorsey
“Our Particular Abhorrence of These Particular Crimes”: Sexual Violence and Colonial Legal Discourse in Aotearoa / New Zealand, 1840–1855
Erin Ford Cozens
Conflicting Heterosexualities: Hermaphroditism and the Emergence of Surgery around 1900
Geertje A. Mak
One, Two, or Many Sexes: Sex Differentiation in Medieval Islamicate Medical Thought
Ahmed Ragab
Nation, Subculture, and Queer Representation: The Film Male Kisaeng and the Politics of Gender and Sexuality in 1960s South Korea
Chung-kang Kim
“Let’s Not Homosexualize the Library Stacks”: Liberating Gays in the Library Catalog
Melissa A. Adler