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May 2017, 26:2

Journal of the History of Sexuality
Queer Colonial Journeys: Alfred Russel Wallace and Somerset Maugham in the Malay Archipelago
Mark Clement
Dressed Like a Man?: Of Language, Bodies, and Monsters in the Trial of Enrique/Enriqueta Favez and Its Contemporary Accounts
Juliana Martínez
Concubinage, Clandestine Marriage, and Gender in the Visitation Records of Fourteenth-Century Catalonia
Michelle Armstrong-Partida
AIDS, Mass Observation, and the Fate of the Permissive Turn
Matt Cook
Episcopal Virginity in Medieval England
Katherine Harvey
She Wolves: Feminine Sapphists and Liminal Sociosexual Categories in the US Urban Entertainment Industry, 1920–1940
Anastasia Jones