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May 2014, 23:2

Journal of the History of Sexuality
To Write of the Conjugal Act: Intimacy and Sexuality in Muslim Women’s Autobiographical Writing in South Asia
Siobhan Lambert-Hurley
Masculinity, Appearance, and Sexuality: Dandies in Roman Antiquity
Kelly Olson
The Opposite of the Double Standard: Gender, Marriage, and Adultery Prosecution in Late Medieval France
Sara McDougall
“Devils Would Blush to Look”: Brothel Visits of the New York Female Moral Reform Society, 1835 and 1836
Nicolette Severson
The Women Who Danced for a Living: Exploring Taxi Dancers’ Childhood in Chicago’s Polish American Communities, 1920–1926
Angela I. Fritz
The Parable of Kitty Genovese, the New York Times, and the Erasure of Lesbianism
Marcia M. Gallo