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January 2016, 25:1

Journal of the History of Sexuality
Is He a “Social Danger”? The Franco Regime’s Judicial Prosecution of Homosexuality in Málaga under the Ley de Vagos y Maleantes
Javier Fernández Galeano
Sexy Beast: The Barberini Faun as an Object of Desire
Amanda Herring
Culture, Difference, and Sexual Progress in Turn-of-the-Century Europe: Cultural Othering and the German League for the Protection of Mothers and Sexual Reform, 1905–1914
Kirsten Leng
“We Are Certain of Our Own Insanity”: Antipsychiatry and the Gay Liberation Movement, 1968–1980
Abram J. Lewis
Emotional Expression and the Construction of Heterosexuality: Hugo Bettauer’s Viennese Advice Columns
Britta McEwen
Vice Queens and White Slaves: The FBI’s Crackdown on Elite Brothel Madams in 1930s New York City
Jessica Pliley