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January 2014, 23:1

Journal of the History of Sexuality
The Courtesan and the Birth of Ars Erotica in the Kāmasātra: A History of Erotics in the Wake of Foucault
Sanjay Gautam
“Is He a Licentious Lewd Sort of a Person?”: Constructing the Child Rapist in Early Modern England
Sarah Toulalan
Sodomy, Masturbation, and Courts-Martial in the Antebellum American Navy
B. R. Burg
Oscar Wilde, Sodomy, and Mental Illness in Late Victorian England
Dominic Janes
“This Is 1975, Not 1875”: Despair and Longings in Women’s Letters to Cambridge Lesbian Liberation and Daughters of Bilitis Counselor Julie Lee in the 1970s
Heather Murray