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Winter 1999, 55:4

Journal of Individual Psychology

Editors' Notes

Something for Everyone: Application, Theory, Research, and Training
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette


Alzheimer's Disease as a Result of a "Wrong" Compensation
Ulrich Kropiunigg
An Adlerian Conceptualization of the Etiology of Psychotic Processes in a Twelve-Year-Old Child
Nicole M. Hoffman
Moving from Guilt Feelings to a Sense of Responsibility: A Case Study
Gilda Katz
Teachers' Lifestyles and their Perceptions of Students' Behaviors
Roy M. Kern, Dana Edwards, Claudia Flowers, Richard Lambert, and Susan Belangee
An Early Recollections Skill Building Workshop
Daniel Eckstein
Edwards Deming's Profound Knowledge and Individual Psychology
W. David Braughton
The Metaphor of Cooperation
Steve Slavik


Psychological Strategies: Metaphoric Expressions of Lifestyle: Exploring and Transforming Client-Generated Metaphors
Richard R. Kopp
Research: The Absence of Self in Adlerian Research
Guy J. Manaster, Michael B. Wienfeld, Frank C. Richardson, and Mark Mays