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#44, Fall 1999

The Velvet Light Trap

Beyond the Image: Race and Ethnicity in the Media

The Editors
Screening Race: Responses to Theater Violence at Boyz N the Hood and New Jack City
Laura Baker
Living Room Levantine: Immigration, Ethnicity, and the Border in Early Israeli Television
Tasha Oren
Using Strange Texts to Teach Race, Ethnicity, and the Media
Walter R. Jacobs and Dwight E. Brooks
Shipwrecked Spectators: Italy's Immigrants at the Movies in New York, 1906–1916
Giorgio Bertellini
From the Cozy to the Carceral: Trans-formations of Ethnic Space in The Goldbergs and Seinfeld
Vincent Brook
But Things is Changin' Nowadays and Mammy's Gettin' Bored: Hattie McDaniel and the Culture of Dissemblance
Victoria Sturtevant
Form and Function: Superstardom and Aesthetics in the Music Videos of Michael and Janet Jackson
Jason King

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