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Summer 1999, 38:4

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

"I Didn't Know Anyone Could Be so Unselfish": Liberal Empathy, the Welfare State, and King Vidor's "Stella Dallas"
Anna Siomopoulos
Posing the Subject: Sex, Illumination, and "Pumping Iron II: The Women"
Douglas Sadao Aoki
The Americanization of Molly: How Mid-Fifties TV Homogenized "The Goldbergs" (And Got "Berg-Iarized" in the Process)
Vincent Brook
Real Emotional Logic: Persuasive Strategies in Docudrama
Steven N. Lipkin
Techniques and Approaches for Teaching Film and Video Courses
[Introduction] by Tricia Welsch
Teaching French National Cinema by Christopher Faulkner
Screening the Nation: Rethinking Options by Toby Miller
Foreign Exchange: German Expressionism and Its Legacy by Tricia Welsch
How to Use Video in Large Film Classes (Read No Further If Your Students Are All Future Godards or Professors of Film) by Rebecca Bell-Metereau
Archival News
Brian Taves
Professional Notes
Robert Lang, Greg Martino