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Spring 1999, 55:1

Journal of Individual Psychology

Editors' Notes

A Team Approach
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
Special Feature: 1998 Ansbacher Memorial Address
Introductory Remarks
R. John Huber
Adlerian Contributions to the Practice of Group Counseling: A Personal Perspective
Gerald R. Corey
February 1998 Interview with Gerald Corey
Mike Nystul


Combining Consulation and Psychotherapy or One-Session Psychotherapy
James W. Croake
Understanding and Dealing with Adolescents
Daniel G.Eckstein, Paul R. Rasmussen and Lori Wittschen
Brief Therapy Using Kopp's Typology: A Case Example
Richard R. Kopp and Alan Lasky
A Comparison of Two Social Interest Assessment Instruments with Implications for Managed Care
William L. Curlette, Roy M. Kern, Kelly P. Gfroerer and I. Yancey Summers
Safeguarding Tendencies: A Clarifying Perspective
Arthur J. Clark
Client and Counselor-Trainee Early Recollections: A Manifest Comparison
Mindy B. Marcus, Guy J. Manaster, and David Spencer
Encouragement and Logical Consequences Versus Rewards and Punishments: A Re-examination
Deborah Azoulay

Book Reviews