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Spring/Summer 1999, 20:1

Latin American Music Review
Argentine Art Music and the Search for National Identity Mediated through a Symbolic Native Heritage: The "tradición gauchesca" and Felipe Boero's "El Matrero" (1929)
Deborah Schwartz-Kates
The Bolero: The Birth, Life, and Decline of Mexican Modernity
Mark Pedelty
Strike up the Tambora: A Social History of Sinaloan Band Music
Helena Simonett
As trilhas do Samba-Reggae: a invenção de um ritmo
Goli Guerreiro


Santiago de Murcia's "Códice Saldívar No. 4": A Treasury of Secular Guitar Music from Baroque Mexico by Craig Russell and Santiago de Murcia
Scott Pauley
Nationalizing Blackness: Afrocubanismo and Artistic Revolution in Havana, 1920–1940 by Robin Moore
Katherine J. Hagedorn
Listening to Salsa: Gender, Latin Popular Music, and Puerto Rican Cultures by Frances R. Aparicio
Lise Waxer
A Day for the Hunter, a Day for the Prey: Popular Music and Power in Haiti by Gage Averill
Voegeli Juste-Constant