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1999 Yearbook

Journal of Latin American Geography
César N. Caviedes
The Anthropogenic Origin and Persistence of Amazonian Dark Earths
William I. Woods and Joseph M. McCann
Neoliberal Reform and Landscape Change in Buenos Aires
David J. Keeling
Boom Town in Transition: Development Process and Urban Structure of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Veronika Braumann and Christoph Stadel
The Puerto Rican Residential Landscape of Lorain, Ohio
Robert B. Kent and Augusto F. Gandia-Ojeda
Weather Types, Local Winds and Air Pollution Problems in Mendoza, Argentina
Wilfried Endlicher, Barbara Zahnen, and Eckart Schultz
Dominica, Grenada and the NTAE Imperative
James Wiley
Kakchikel Gardens: Women, Children, and Agricultural Education among the Maya of Highland Guatemala
Eric Keys

CLAG Honors