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1999 Annual

Joyce Studies Annual
Thomas F. Staley
Copyright and the Ends of Ownership: The Case for a Public-Domain Ulysses in America
Robert Spoo
The Source(s) of Joyce's Anti-Semitism in Ulysses
Erwin R. Steinberg
"A Very Pretty Picture M. Matisse But You Must Not Call It Joyce": The Making of the Limited Editions Club Ulysses. With Lewis Daniel's Unpublished Ulysses Illustrations
Will Goodwin
Dante, Joyce, Beckett, and the Use of Memory in the Process of Literary Creation
Paul Gleason
Beckett — Mauthner — Zimmer — Joyce
Dirk Van Hulle


"All off for a buster": An Early Version
James P. Sullivan
Letter Regarding Briggs' "The Full Stop at the End of 'Ithaca': Thirteen Ways—and Then Some—of Looking at a Black Dot"
Jayne Blankenship