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Winter 1998, 54:4

Journal of Individual Psychology

Editors' Notes

Thanks for the Opportunity
James Robert Bitter
Narratives: Creating Stories
Mary Frances Schneider and Mark Stone

Special Issue: Narrative Therapy and Adlerian Psychology

A Narrative Dialogue: An Interview with Jill Freedman and Gene Combs
Mary Frances Schneider
Integrating Narrative Therapy with Adlerian Lifestyle Assessment: A Case Study
J. Graham Disque and James Robert Bitter
Early Recollections: Mining the Personal Story in the Process of Change
Michael Maniacci, Bernard Shulman, Jane Griffith, Robert L. Powers, Judy Sutherland, Renee Dushman and Mary Frances Schneider
Early Recollections in Adlerian and Metaphor Therapy
Richard R. Kopp
Use of the Most Memorable Observation as a Technique for Understanding Choice of Parenting Style
Francis X. Walton
Understanding the Storyteller's Story: Implications for Therapy
Roseanne M. Boldt and Harold H. Mosak
Processes and Techniques of Journal Writing in Adlerian Therapy
Mary Frances Schneider and Mark Stone
Journaling with Clients
Mark Stone
Rating (Life Task Action) Change in Journal Excerpts and Narratives Using Prochaska, DiClemente, and Norcross's Five Stages of Change
Michelle L. McClellan, Mary Frances Schneider and Jan Perney