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Winter 1998, 37:2

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

Theorizing Mainstream Female Spectatorship: The Case of the Popular Lesbian Film
Karen Hollinger
Besides Fists and Blood: Hong Kong Comedy and Its Master of the Eighties
Jenny Kwok Wah Lau
The Construction of Black Male Identity in Black Action Films of the Nineties
Kenneth Chan
Postmodern Double Cross: Reading David Cronenberg's "M. Butterfly" as a Horror Story
Asuman Suner
Spectacles of Death: Clint Eastwood and Violence in "Unforgiven"
Carl Plantinga
Preaching Pluralism: Pluralism, Truth, and Scholarly Inquiry in Film Studies by David Bordwell
Reply to David Bordwell by Peter Lehman
A Response to Peter Lehman's Essay "Pluralism versus the Correct Position" by Stuart Minnis
Reply to Stuart Minnis by Peter Lehman
Archival News
Brian Taves
Professional Notes
Robert Lang, Greg Martino