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#42, Fall 1998

The Velvet Light Trap

Audiences and Reception

The New Media Aristocrats: Home Theater and the Domestic Film Experience
Barbara Klinger
'The Moral Part of the Story Was Great:' Frank Capra and Film Education in the 1930s
Eric Smoodin
Prime-Time TV in the Gay '90s: Network TV, Quality Audiences, and Gay Audiences
Ron Becker
Sob Stories, Merriment, and Surprises: The 1950s Audience Participation Show on Network Television and Women's Daytime Reception
Marsha F. Cassidy
Movie Mad: Audiences and Censorship in a California Town, 1916–1926
George Potamianos
Stealing the Spectacle: Gay Audiences and the Queering of Douglas Fairbanks' Body
Daniell Cornell
Understanding Grassroots Audiences: Imagination, Reception, and Use in Community Videography
Cindy Hing-Yuk Wong

Book Reviews