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Volume 17 (1998)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture

Popular Cinemas/Popular Cultures
Ana López, Guest Editor

Introductory Essay

Once Upon a Time... the Popular in the Cinema of Latin America
Ana López

The Icons of Popularity

From Hollywood and Back: Dolores del Rio
Ana López
From the Carpa to the Screen: The Masks of Cantinflas
Carmelo Esterrich and Angel M. Santiago-Reyes
Maria Felix: Image, Myth, Enigma
Paulo Antonio Paranagua

The National/Popular in Golden Age Cinemas

Argentine Cinema and the Construction of a National-Popular Identity
Tamara Falicov
Yankee Invasion of Mexico or Mexican Invasion of Hollywood?: Hollywood's Renewed Spanish-Language Production during the 'Good Neighbor' Years
Brian O'Neil
Transnationalization and Cultural Collaboration: Mexican Film Propaganda During World War Two
Seth Fein

Popular Transgressions: Gender, Nation, Media

Variations on Gender Constructs and Spectatorship in Neville D'Almeida's Dama do Lotação
Christina Buckley
Hollywood South? Costa Rican Cinema's Challenge to Critical Praxis
Ann Marie Stock
Don't Look Back: Myth, Conception and Receptions of Black Orpheus
Charles A. Perrone
From the Religious Common Sense to the Post-Freudian Common Sense: Images of National History in Brazilian Tele-Fiction
Ismail Xavier
Representing Racial Difference: Brazil's Xuxa at the Televisual Border
Amelia Simpson
For the People and By the People: TV Maxambomba's Regeneration of Popular Cinema
Vicky Mayer