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1998 Yearbook

Journal of Latin American Geography
David J. Keeling and James Wiley
Indigenous Irrigation Organizations and the Formation of Social Capital in Northern Highland Ecuador
Thomas A. Perreault, Anthony J. Bebbington, and Thomas F. Carroll
Dependency and Development in the Copper Mining Region of Sonora, Mexico
John Harner
Recreating Borders? The Geography of Latin Americans in New York City
Ines M. Miyares and Kenneth J. Gowen
Contraband Trade Through Trujillo, Honduras, 1720–1782
Taylor E. Mack
An Historical Geography of Chicle and Tunu Gum Production in Northeastern Nicaragua
Karl Offen
Rainfall Distribution and Regime in Costa Rica and its Response to the El Nino-Southern Oscillation
Peter Waylen, Cesar Caviedes, German Poveda, Marvin Quesada, and Oscar Mesa
Strategies for Authenticity, Space, and Place in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Peten, Guatemala
Juanita Sundberg
The Changing Face of Cuban Socialism: Tourism and Planning in the Post-Soviet Era
Joseph L. Scarpaci
Waste and Resource: Household Management of Solid Waste on the North Coast of Honduras
Jennifer Goett
A Triple Crown for Padre Neuman? The First Reported Earthquake, Comet, and Eclipse in Chihuahua
R. B. Brown and Rolf Sinclair
Film Review
James Wiley

CLAG Honors