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Summer 1998, 33:3

Information & Culture

Orientalist Libraries and Orientalism

S. W. Massil


Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq (d.1887) and the Libraries of Europe and the Ottoman Empire
Geoffrey Roper
Muhammad Ali Pasha, the Great Exhibition of 1851 and SOAS Library
Peter Colvin
Libraries in Late Ottoman Palestine between the Orient and the Occident
Dov Schidorsky
The Oriental Books and Libraries in Bosnia during the War, 1992-94
Aleksander Stipcevic
Asiatic Researches: English Sources for Oriental Studies in Gottingen University Library, 1735-1800
Graham Jefcoate
German Librarians in Exile in Turkey, 1933-1945
Hildegard Muller
The Library of the Royal Asiatic Society and its Collections Relation to South Asia
M. J. Pollock

Notes and Essays

The Cover
Randy Jensen

Book Reviews