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Winter 1998, 33:1

Information & Culture
Pamela Spence Richards


Literary Dissent as a Phenomenon of Twentieth-century Russian Culture
Iulia V. Babicheva
American Public Libraries in the Information Age: Constant Purpose in Changing Times
James H. Billington
Censorship of Public Reading in Russia, 1870-1950
Arlen V. Blium
Russian Libraries and Readers after the Ice Age
Marianna Tax Choldin
Books, Reading, and the Library of Congress in a Changing America
John Y. Cole
Culture Wars in American Libraries: Ideological Battles in the Selection of Materials
Donald G. Davis, Jr.
On the Reading of Religious Literature in Secular Libraries
Ekaterina Genieva
Women's Values, Vision and Culture in the Transformation of American Librarianship, 1890-1920
Mary Niles Maack
Immigration and the Book: Foreigners as the Founders of the First Libraries in Russia (St. Petersburg 1750-1835)
Irina G. Matveeva
Youth Services in Russian Libraries in an Era of Social Change
Iulia P. Melent'eva
Our Life in a Foreign Language
Elena G. Rabinovitch
'Dangerous Reading' in the Soviet Era
Dmitri K. Ravinskii
Library Services and the African-American Intelligentsia before 1960
Pamela Spence Richards
A Conservative Canon: Cultural Lag in British Working-Class Reading Habits
Jonathan Rose
Reading in Postwar Russia
Valeria D. Stel'makh
On Reading in American Prisons: Structures and Strictures
Larry E. Sullivan
The Scholarly Library at the End of the Twentieth Century
Boris Volodin
Main Street Public Library: The Availability of Controversial Materials in the Rural Heartland, 1890-1956
Wayne A. Wiegand
The Cover
Hermina G. B. Anghelescu