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Winter 1997, 53:4

Journal of Individual Psychology

Editor's Note

Adlerian Therapy: A Foundation for Integration
James Robert Bitter
Foundational Considerations
To What Extent Is There a Relationship between Personality Priorities and Lifestyle Themes?
Carol Kutchins, William L. Curlette and Roy M. Kern
The Effects of STEP on Patient Progress in an Adolescent Day Hospital
Jason N. Snow, Roy M. Kern and Jeff Penick

Adlerian Interventions and Applications

The Creating Context Technique
Mary S. Wheeler
The Early Recollection Role Reversal Technique
Roy M. Kern and Daniel Eckstein
Reframing As a Specific Interpretive Counseling Technique
Daniel Eckstein
Using Family-of-Origin Recollections in Premarital and Marriage Counseling
Richard E. Watts
The Use of the Family Life Space Diagram in Establishing Interconnectedness: A Preliminary Study of Sexual Abuse Survivors, Their Significant Others, and Pets
Sandra B. Barker, Randolph T. Barker, Kathryn S. Dawson and Janet S. Knisely
Drawing a Family: Family Art Assessment in Adlerian Therapy
Kathy DeOrnellas, Terry Kottman and Vicki Millican
An Adlerian Perspective on Dreamwork and Creative Arts Therapies
Reneé Dobkin Dushman and Judy Sutherland
Adam Blatner, Master of Psychodrama
The Implications of Postmodernism for Psychotherapy
Adam Blatner
An Interview with Adam Blatner: About Psychodrama
Michael F. Shaughnessy and Michael S. Nystul
Books and Materials
Amy Davidson and James Robert Bitter