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Spring 1997, 53:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Community and Commonality
Gerald J. Mozdzierz
Remarks on the Announcement of 'The Heinz L. and Rowena R. Ansbacher Lecture'
Ted Ansbacher
Cult, Culture, and Cultivation: The Contributions of Individual Psychology
Robert L. Powers
Healing Community: An Adlerian Approach
Richard R. Kopp
The Radical Metaphors of Adlerian Psychospirituality
Walter E. O'Connell
Perceived Coping Resources and Psychological Birth Order in School-Aged Children
Lloyd R. Pilkington, JoAnna White, and Kenneth B. Matheny
Early Loss, Depression, and Lifestyle Themes
Danette Morton-Page and Mary S. Wheeler
Characterological Resistance in Psychotherapy: The Getter
Roseanne M. Boldt and Harold H. Mosak
Humbug: Apperceptions of a Controller
Sten Eirik
The Relationship of Psychological Birth Order to Career Interests
JoAnna White, Linda Campbell, Alan E. Stewart, Mardy Davies, and Lloyd R. Pilkington
Novice Therapists and Social Interest
Eric P. Johnson