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Volume 16 (1997)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Alternative Communication: An Exploration of Concepts and Experiences in Latin America
Max Dueñas Guzmán
Nightmares in the New Metropolis: The Cinematic Poetics of Low Riders
Brenda Jo Bright
Recreating Identity: Recreation on the Arizona-Sonora Border, 1880–1930
Bianca Premo
Internationalization of Urban Space in São Paulo: The Memorial da América Latina
Charles Martin
Low-Powered Television in Rural Bolivia: New Directions for Democratic Media Practice
Robert Huesca
The Two Carnivals of Mérida
Bruce Ergood
Popular Music and Redemocratization in Santiago, Chile, 1973–1989
Mark Mattern
Leaving 'The Old Nest': Morality, Modernity, and the Mexican Comic Book at Mid-Century
Anne Rubenstein
The Voice of Alejandro 'Negro' Dolina: Towards a Repositioning of Popular Discourse
Rita De Grandis
José Alfredo Jiménez: A Cultural Dilemma
A. Rolando Andrade
Television Programming in Buenos Aires, 1979–1989
Jeffrey Alan John
Mexican Presidential Futurology in Palabras mayores by Luis Spota
Joel Pouwels
Popular Culture and Gender: The Mexican 'Judas'
Eli Bartra
The Glass Shade and the Boomerang: Sieges on Brazilian Culture
Roberto Reis