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1997 Yearbook

Journal of Latin American Geography
David J. Robinson and Catherine E. Doenges
The Roadside Inn or Venta: Origins and Early Development in New Spain
Elizabeth K. Butzer
The Dissolution of Indian Community Lands in the Venezuelan Andes: The Case of La Mesa
Edda Samudio A.
Landscape Change and Livestock in Sixteenth-Century New Spain: The Archival Data Base
Andrew Sluyter
Brazilian Country-Level Juridical Documents as Sources for Historical Geography: A Case Study from Western São Paulo State
Christian Brannstrom
Occupation and Urbanization of Roraima State, Brazil
Alexandre Diniz
From Labor Circulation to International Migration: The Case of South-Central Ecuador
Brad D. Jokisch
Mapping Vegetation and Anthropogenic Disturbances in Southern Ecuador with Remote Sensing Techniques: Implications for Park Management
Philip L. Keating
Rural Industrialization as Development Strategy: Cooperation and Conflict in Co-op, Commune and Household in Oaxaca, Mexico
Tad Mutersbaugh
Migration and the Development of an Industrial District: Footwear Manufacturing in El Porvenir, Trujillo-Peru
Waltrud Rosner
Development vs. Empowerment: The Gendered Legacy of Economic Restructuring in Latin America
Maureen Hays-Mitchell
Social and Spatial Characteristics of Voter Turnout in Guatemala: The 1985 Elections
David L. Wall and Fabrice Edouard Lehoucq