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Winter 1997, 32:1

Information & Culture


Almost a Unified Library: Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore College Library Cooperation during the 1940s
Michael Stuart Freeman
Outpost of New England Culture: The Ladies' Library Association of Kalamazoo, Michigan
Daniel F. Ring
Literacy, Libraries, and Consciousness: The Provision of Library Services for Blacks in South Africa in the Pre-Apartheid Era
Alan G. Cobley
George Boole: The Man behind 'And/Or/Not'
Elizabeth B. Cooksey

Notes & Essays

The History of the Jagiellonian Library
Maria J. Nowak
The Chartophylax: Archivist and Librarian to the Patriarch in Constantinople
Jeffrey M. Wehmeyer
YMCA Libraries on the Texas Border, 1916
David M. Hovde
The Cover
Marguerite Studemeister