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Fall 1997, 53:3

Journal of Individual Psychology

Editor's Note

The History and Future of Individual Psychology
Gerald J. Mozdzierz

Special Remembrance: The 60th Anniversary of Adler's Death

In and Out of Freud's Shadow: A Chronology of Adler's Relationship with Freud
Martin S. Fiebert
Alfred Adler, the Man, Seen by a Student and Friend
Rowena Ansbacher
A Brief History of the Journals of Individual Psychology
Gerald J. Mozdzierz and Andrea Beth Mozdzierz
Back to the Future: Alfred Adler on Freedom and Commitment
Frank C. Richardson and Guy J. Manaster

Special Feature: Adler and Literature

Scarlett O'Hara: The Classic "Getting Type"
Launa Deeks
Ibsen's Life-lie and Adler's Lifestyle
Mark H. Stone


The Effects of Praise versus Encouragement on Children's Perceptions of Teachers
F. Donald Kelly and John G. Daniels

Brief Report

Comparison of Tape-recorded and Handwritten Early Recollections: Investigating the Assumption of Equivalence
Christopher T. Allers, Susan E. Katrin, and JoAnna F. White