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#37, Spring 1996

The Velvet Light Trap

Feuillade and the French Serial


The Thrills of Grande Peur: Crime Series and Serials in the Belle Epoque
Richard Abel
La Nouvelle Mission de Feuillade; or, What Was Mise-en-Scene?
David Bordwell
A Tale of Two Prologues: Actors and Roles, Detectives and Disguises in Fantomas, Film and Novel
Tom Gunning
Zones of Anxiety: Movement, Musidora, and the Crime Serials of Louis Feuillade
Vicki Callahan
Serial Killings: Fantomas, Feuillade, and the Mass-Culture Genealogy of Surrealism
Robin Walz
Tih-Minh, Out I: On the Nonreception of Two French Serials
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Vendemiaire (1918): Going beyond the Serial and the Latin Tradition
Francois de la Breteque
Serial Melodrama and Narrative Gesellschaft
Ben Singer
Palaces and Holes in the Wall: Conditions of Exhibition in Paris on the Eve of World War I
Jean-Jacques Meusy