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Fall/Winter 1996, 38:3/4

Texas Studies in Literature and Language
'Fine Word, Legitimate!': Towards a Theatrical History of Romanticism
Jane Moody
Staging Hope: Genre, Myth, and Ideology in the Dramas of the Hunt Circle
Jeffrey N. Cox
'A Reasonable Woman's Desire': The Private Theatrical and Joanna Baillie's The Tryal
Catherine B. Burroughs
'This Pen of Mine Will Say Too Much': Public Performance in the Journals of Anna Larpent
Claire Miller Colombo
Ancestral Voices Prophesying What? The Moving Text in Byron's Marino Faliero and Sardanapalus
Michael Simpson
Strange Flesh: Shelley and the Performance of Skepticism
William Jewett
Count Cenci's Abysmal Credit
Linda C. Brigham
Trying Sheridan's Pizarro
Julie A. Carlson
The Cenci: Recognizing the Shelleyan Sublime
Paul Endo