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Spring 1996, 52:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Diversity and Adlerian Psychology
Gerald J. Mozdzierz
Enhancing the Quality of Adlerian Life: An Assessment and Reorientation
Robert L. Powers and Jane Griffith
Community Feeling, Empathy, and Intersubjectivity: A Phenomenological Framework
Fred J. Hanna
The Ubiquity of Life-style
Donald N. Lombardi, Erik J. Melchior, James G. Murphy, and Amy L. Brinkerhoff
Life-style, Personality, and Stress Coping
Roy Kern, Kelly Gfroerer, Yancey Summers, William Curlette, and Kenneth Matheny
Birth-Order Position, Gender, and Irrational Relationship Beliefs
Bryce F. Sullivan and Andrew I. Schwebel
Pathogenic Parents and Schizophrenia
Donald N. Lombardi, James G. Murphy, Daniel C. Weiss, William G. Herron, and Lydia K. Adlerstein
Alfred Adler, A Pair of Plain Brown Shoes
Thomas E. Edgar