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Volume 15 (1996)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
What is Popular Culture? More Answers to an Old Question
Elizabeth Mahan
A Holistic Approach to the Study of Popular Culture: Context, Text, Audience, and Recoding
Harold E. Hinds, Jr.
Popular Culture: A Socio-Aesthetic Approach
Jack Santino
Hybrid Vigor: Popular Culture in a Multicultural, Post-Fordist World
John Fiske
Popular Culture: From Epic to Simulacrum
Nestor García Canclini
Has Latin American Popular Culture Disappeared? Some Theoretical Reflections
Kenneth Aman
Theorizing Popular Culture Studies in Uruguay
Gustavo Remedi
On Transculturation: Toward a Political Economy of Culture in the Periphery
Abril Trigo
The Cuban Bolero and its Transculturation to Mexico: The Case of Agustín Lara
Adela Pineda Franco
Mass Media and Cultural Identity Among the Yucatec Maya: The Constitution of Global, National, and Local Subjects
Henry Geddes Gonzales
Expanding the Popular Culture Debates: Puertorriquenas, Hollywood, and Cultural Identity
Jocelyn A. Geliga Vargas
Bruxaria and Espiritsmo: Popular Culture and Popular Religion in Contemporary Brazilian Fiction
Nelson H. Vieira
The Preservation and Recuparation of Folklore in Venezuela
Angelina Pollak-Eltz
Staging Culture in Totonacapan: Spaces of Recuparation/Spaces of Terr(or)toriality
Margaret A. Villanueva
Brazil's Literatura de cordel: Poetic Chronicle and Popular History
Mark J. Curran
Correo Mitico: The Construction of a Civic Image in the Postcards of Montevideo, Uruguay, 1900–1930
Catherine Preston and Anton Rosenthal
Democratization 'From Below' and Popular Culture: Teachers from Chiapas, Mexico
Susan Street
Farewell to Public Spaces? Electoral Campaigns and Street Spectacle in Argentina
Silvio R. Waisbord