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1996 Yearbook

Journal of Latin American Geography
Steven L. Driever and Daniel Hopkins
The Agroexport Model and Nontraditional Exports in Central America: Déjà Vu or Something New?
John Brohman
Factores de Localización de la Industria Maquiladora: El Caso de Yucatán, México
Ana García de Fuentes y Susana Pérez Medina
The European Union's Single Market and Latin America's Banana Exporting Countries
James Wiley
Beneath the Roots of the Chukum Tree: A Preliminary Soil Analysis of the Chunchucmil Region
Pat Farrell, Timothy Beach, and Bruce Dahlin
Income Formation among Amazonian Peasant Households in Northeastern Peru: Empirical Observations and Implications for Market-oriented Conservation
Oliver T. Coomes
Marriage Mobility in Late Colonial Celaya, Mexico
Catherine E. Doenges
Historical Geography of the Belizean Logwood Trade
Michael A. Camille
Folk House-types as Indicators of Tradition: The Case of the Mopan Maya in Southern Belize
Michael K. Steinberg
Territorial Loss and National Image: The Case of Ecuador
Gary S. Elbow

CLAG Honors

The Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers: A Quarter-Century
Tom L. Martinson