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Spring 1996, 31:2

Information & Culture

Libraries, Beer and Tobacco

Beer and Books: Michael Thomas Bass, Derby Public Library, and the Philanthropy of the Beerage
Paul Sturges
Steel, Cotton, and Tobacco: Philanthropy and Public Libraries in North Carolina, 1900-1940
Patrick M. Valentine

African American Bibliography and Library Education

Hampton, Fisk, and Atlanta: The Foundations, the American Library Association, and Library Education for Blacks, 1925-1941
Robert Sidney Martin and Orvin Lee Shiflett
The Influence of Philanthropic Agencies on the Development of Monroe Nathan Work's Bibliography of the Negro in Africa and America
Sibyl E. Moses

Carnegie Philanthropy I

American Philanthropy Abroad: Library Program Support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York British Dominions and Colonies Fund in the 1920s and 1930s
Maxine K. Rochester
American Philanthropy in Europe: The Collaboration of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace with the Vatican Library
Nicoletta M. Hary
Wresting Money from the Canny Scotsman: Melvil Dewey's Designs on Carnegie's Millions, 1902-1906
Wayne A. Weigand

Public Libraries in Finland and Germany

The Widow's Mite, or Crumbs from the Rich Man's Table: Popular Support for Public Libraries in Finland during the Nineteeth Century
Ilkka Makinen
The Borromaus Verein: Catholic Public Librarianship in Germany, 1845-1933
Margaret S. Dalton

Carnegie Philanthropy II

A Chronicle of Men, at Least Two Women, and Money: Sarah C. N. Bogle and the Carnegie Corporation of New York
Nancy Becker Johnson
Carnegie Fellowship for Librarians 1929-1942: A Microcosm of Carnegie Corporation and American Library Association Joint Enterprise
Peggy Sullivan

Libraries and Literacy in France and the United States

Philanthropy, Benefaction, and Libraries in France, 1916-1929
Martine Poulain
Literacy, Equality, and Community: Libraries, Philanthropy, and the Literacy Movement in Contemporary France
Mary Niles Maack

Reading and Scholarship

The Representation of Philanthropy and Reading in the Eighteenth-Century Library
James Raven
Philanthropy, the University Library, and UNC's Emergence as a Major National University
Edward G. Holley