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Winter 1996, 31:1

Information & Culture
Dedication of Library History Seminar IX to Edward G. Holley
Robert S. Martin
Remarks on the Library History Seminar IX
Edward G. Holley
The Cover
Anne E. Moss

Plenary Sessions

'To make us bold and learn to read--to be friends to each other, and friends to the world': Libraries and the Origins of Civil Society in the United States
Peter Dobkin Hall
Public Funding for Rarity: Some American Debates
Neil Harris
American Public Libraries and the Third Sector: Historical Reflections and Implications
Phyllis Dain

Library Philanthropy in India and Ancient Greece

Pliny's Library at Comum
T. Keith Dix
Ahmedabadi Philanthropyh and Libraries
Donald Clay Johnson

Council on Library Resources

Reclaiming the Research Library: The Founding of the Council on Library Resources
Deanna B. Marcum
Librarians Go High-Tech, Perhaps: The Ford Foundation, the CLR, and INTREX
Colin Burke

Rockefeller Philanthropy: Library Volunteers in Canada

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?: The Rockefeller Family and Libraries
Mary B. Haskell
Volunteers in Unionized Canadian Public Libraries: A Finely Tuned Partnership
Ann Curry

Women and Philanthropy

Carnegie Ladies, Lady Carnegies: Women and the Building of Libraries
Paula D. Watson
Library Philanthropy with a Personal Touch: Phoebe Apperson Hearst and the Libraries of Lead and Anaconda
Susan L. Richards

Children's Books and Scholarly Communication in the Cold War

ALA Youth Services Librarians and the CARE-UNESCO Children's Book Fund: Selecting the Right Book for Children in Cold War America, 1950-1958
Christine Jenkins
Scientific Communication in the Cold War: Margarita Rudomino and the Library of Foreign Literatures during the Last Years of Stalin
Pamela Spence Richards