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Winter 1995, 51:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
The Organization and Implementation of a Social Interest Program in the Schools
Arthur J. Clark
An Adlerian Approach to the Treatment of a Contemporary Little Hans
Rena R. Taub
The Centrality of the Concept of Power in Nietzsche, Adler, and May: Implications for Counseling Practice
Gary D. Hartley
Extreme Life-Styles of Adults Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse
Steven Slavik, Jon Carlson, and Len Sperry
The Application of Early Recollections in Intense Psycho-Educational Parenting Sessions
Erik Mansager and Roger Volk
"Individual Psychology" in a Vienna Public School
David M. Levy
Marital Therapy Within Managed Mental Health Care
Gary Vann
Early Recollections as a Communication Tool Between Generations
Donald Nims and Don Dinkmeyer Jr.
Interactive Discussion of Early Recollections: A Group Technique with Adolescent Substance Abusers
Erik Mansager, Marie Barnes, Bonnie Boyce, J. D. Brewster, Humbert J. Lertora III, Francie Marais, Jane Santos, and Deanna Thompson
Personality Styles in the Workplace
Len Sperry
An Interview with William Glasser
Michael S. Nystul and Michael Shaughnessey